Corporate Headquarters Close

Corporate headquarters is housed in a contemporary three story office building, located in Hawthorne, New York. EFTN does not rent this office space; rather it owns it as an office condominium, in part with the other occupants of the building. This arrangement points to the commitment EFTN has made to the continuity and permanence of its business operations. EFTN recently conducted a complete renovation of its facilities to expand its customer service capabilities; to create a more efficient work flow among its internal departments and to enhance the security features of its operations, specifically in the customer records, programming and data processing functions. As a part of this effort, each of these important areas is located within a secure, access protected enclosure. Specifically, access to these important areas is controlled 24/7 via state of the art mag-locks and proximity card readers, which are programmed to limit access only to pre-qualified individuals. Glass walls are also utilized to provide for an open environment and the ability to supervise staff members. The entire office is protected from burglary and fire hazard via access control devices, glass break detectors, internal motion detectors and smoke and fire detectors, all of which are monitored 24/7 by an independent central station security company. All waste paper documents that could be related to customers banking or financial activity are shredded on site, daily.

Internet access at the headquarters office is provided through three different and redundant sources, as well as T1 trunk line connections to the previously noted remote data processing co-hosting facility. EFTN utilizes a VOIP telephone system. Key employees are each provided with a VOIP enabled phone at their residence, should they need to work from home. Finally, should EFTN experience any kind of problem with its headquarters office, all business and data processing operations can be fulfilled directly at the co-hosting facility or other remote locations.