Connectivity Close

Internet services to the co-hosting facility are provided through multiple fiber optic links to Verizon, MCI Worldcom and other carriers with diversely routed circuits, with virtually unlimited bandwidth capabilities. The communication infrastructure available is frame relay, ATM, dial-up, and T1 and T3 circuits, operating at no more than 20 percent to allow for any demand spikes or problems.

- Diversely routed fiber-optic SONET links to four carriers

- Multiple Tier 1 service backbone Providers

- Cisco powered network with fully meshed fiber architecture

Our data is managed on RAID file servers which themselves are configured in a mirrored fashion, such that data resides simultaneously on two separate and distinct servers. Each server is covered by tape back-up. Should anything happen to one file server, the data is preserved on the other server. Duplicate tape records are also kept in a secure location, off premises.